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An evening for newer members and their mentors

1st March 2017 at 5:45 pm

Last year the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire held “An Evening for our Newer Members and their Mentors” on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at the regular meeting of the Unity Lodge No. 5812.

This event was a tremendous success, with over 100 Freemasons attending, including 50 Master Masons, Fellow Crafts and Entered Apprentices. It was clear from the feedback obtained that it should be repeated in 2017.

Therefore it has been decided to hold a third “Evening for our Newer Members and their Mentors” on Wednesday 1st March 2017 at Worcester Masonic Centre. It will be a traditional Masonic meeting, with the main item of labour being a talk by W.Bro. Jeremy Mallin, Provincial Grand Orator, on a subject of relevance to all our newer members.

This year, W.Bro. Jeremy's talk will be entitled “King Solomon’s Temple: A Real Building or a Theological Concept?” As before, audience participation, discussion and debate will be warmly encouraged.

Special offer!

The meeting will be followed by a three-course dinner, at which our newer members will be able to make connections with their peers and the members of other Lodges. The cost of the dinner will be £18.00.

At the request of the Provincial Grand Master, though, wine will be provided by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire!

All Lodge and Personal Mentors are kindly requested to invite their mentees and newer members of their Lodges to join them on this special occasion.
If you would like to attend, or require any further information about this event, please contact W Bro. Mark Lodge, Provincial Grand Mentor, at your very earliest convenience:


The invitation to this meeting is open to all Freemasons. Bookings must be made with the Provincial Grand Mentor by Friday 24th February 2017 at the latest.


You might like to note that the event held in 2016 was a “sell-out”, with a waiting list in operation. As a result, bookings this year will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis, with priority given to our newer members and their mentors. Please, therefore, don't delay in reserving your place.

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