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Appointments and Promotions in Royal Arch

Three members of the lodge honoured at Provincial Grand Chapter

At the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Worcestershire, three members of Hagley and Holy Wells Lodge were awarded honours by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Michael G Taylor.


E Comp A J Bagshawe was appointed to the rank of PProvGStdB

E Comp A L Smith was appointed to the rank of PProvGSoj

E Comp D Emery was promoted to the rank of ProvDepGDC


Notable by his absence at the meeting, which was held in the Avon Rooms at the University of Birmingham, was the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Colin P T Brown, who had injured himself a few days before in a nasty accident involving a garage roof and a wobbly ladder.


E Comp Colin is not expected to return to any masonic meeting for several weeks and all 260 or so who attended Provincial Grand Chapter wished him a speedy recovery.

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