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Bromsgrove WAML Group contributes to Appeal 2022

With the demise of Bromsgrove Masonic Hall, Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge and the other lodges who met there have had to find new meeting rooms. Without the Bromsgrove rooms as a focus it was decided to wind up the Bromsgrove WAML Group.

The Group's members had, for many years, organised social and fund-raising events and was well supported, even by lodges that were not connected with the Bromsgrove group!

During the Provincial Grand Master's visit to our lodge he was presented with a 'cheque' for £1,000 by W Bro Malcolm Hill, our charity steward and one of the most active members of the group for many years.

The Provincial Grand Master receives a 'cheque' from W Bro Malcolm Hill, Charity Steward

The final amount will exceed the £1,000 promised and will be made up of the monies in the current account combined with a huge donation from W Bro Mike Edwards' family in return for the personal services of Mrs Sue Emery and friends at an Edwards family dinner!

Sue Emery with friends Alison and Maria prepare a dinner party for 10 at the home of W Bro Mike Edwards in return for a huge donation to Appeal 2022!

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