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Celebrating our oldest member’s 100th birthday

W Bro Herbert Thomas Coulter

W Bro Herbert Thomas Coulter MBE is Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge’s oldest member. Born in
1916 he was initiated into Freemasonry almost 70 years ago!

W Bro Tom Coulter with the Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Robert C. Vaughan

Members of Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge joined brethren from his former lodges from
Northamptonshire and Ireland for a celebration lunch at Hagley Golf and Country Club. The event
was also attended by the Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Robert C Vaughan.

W Bro Tom Coulter with daughter Hilary

W Bro Coulter is in remarkably good health for a centenarian and he retains a very sharp wit.
Indeed, his interjections during the toast to him, delivered by W Bro Peter Godfrey from Northants, were extremely amusing.
His current good health is all the more remarkable considering the serious illnesses he suffered as a
result of his military service in World War II in some of the far flung corners of the East.

During the response to his toast W Bro Herbert (or Tom as he now likes to be called!) recalled how in
his early career as a civil servant he had been promoted extremely quickly despite not being
there! His employers had taken the view that a man serving his country in the military should not be
penalised in his career progression so they not only held his job open for him but they promoted him in absentia.
The lunch with masonic friends was only one of a series of celebrations Herbert has enjoyed over
the last few weeks. Although he’s not able to attend Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge so often these days all the members wish him continued good health!

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