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Lodge Widows’ Outing

Halfpenny Green Vineyards

W Bro John Pedlingham once again showed his excellence as Lodge Almoner by organising this summer’s Lodge Widows’ Outing.

Members of the lodge are always happy to see the widows of former members and the summer outing is
a regular feature on the calendar. This year saw a party of around 20, comprising members of the
lodge, their wives and four of our widows, treated to a tour of Halfpenny Green Vineyards near Bobbington.

Following a visit to the vines themselves and a tour of the processing and bottling plants, the
highlight of the visit was, for most of the brethren, the wine-tasting session. For the ladies
present the highlight was, perhaps, the on-site shopping expedition afterwards!

With at least one outing a year to organise, personal visits to each of the widows and
Christmas gifts to buy and deliver every year W Bro John works very hard in his almoner's role and
his dedication to the office is very much appreciated by members and widows alike!

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