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"One of the most pleasurable evenings in my four years as PGM"

70-year Certificate for the Lodge's oldest member

More than 30 members and visitors saw the Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Robert C Vaughan, present a certificate to mark the 70th anniversary of W Bro Tom Coulter's initiation into Freemasonry.

R W Bro Robert Vaughan, PGM, presents a certificate to W Bro Tom Coulter

During what the Provincial Grand Master described as "one of my most pleasurable evenings in four years as PGM", Tom was not only presented with a commemorative certificate but he also received a salutation from the PrAGDC Chris Overall. Later, at the festive board, he was presented with a gift from the lodge as well as a card signed by all the members of his former lodge in Northants.

The celebration began with W Bro John Pedlingham, the Lodge Almoner, delivering two biographies about Tom, describing both his military and his civilian lives. This was followed by a 'Parkinson-style' face-to-face interview between W Bro Tom and the PGM.

W Bro Robert began the interview by remembering some of the other important events that had taken place during 1947 - the year of Tom's initiation. These included the severest winter in living memory, the partition of India and, perhaps most importantly, the birth of our PGM! The reference to David Bowie's birth seemed slightly lost on Tom though....

Members of Lodge of Fidelity 445 with Tom Coulter and the PGM

Four members of Tom's Northants Lodge - the Lodge of Fidelity No 445 - travelled many miles to be with him on his very special night and their W.M., W Bro Paul Logan, paid tribute to him during his response to the Visitors' Toast

Now 100 years old - some members of the lodge were with him to celebrate his Centenary last summer - W Bro Tom appears to be in good health and good heart and we hope he will continue to enjoy his freemasonry for many years to come.

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